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Youth Excel & Advancement is a mental health counseling agency that provides support in the public school setting, in-home setting, and the community to focus on the mental health, behavioral intervention, and substance abuse needs of children, adolescents, and adults. Our ability to effectively teach individuals coping skills is facilitated by engaging each individuals family, supporting the teachers and administrative staff, and bringing other institutions from the community to the table of progress.  These measures ensure a comprehensive approach to the individual and social challenges that prevent many children, adolescents, and adults from healthy mental and emotional development.  We are a team of dedicated mental health professionals with a genuine desire to affect positive change in the communities we serve.   

Our Team

Mario coordinates with Clinical Director regarding the vision and expectations of the agency and procedures to establish.

Mario Haskett


Staci supervises the

Clinical Supervisors regarding daily operations, policies, and human resources considerations. 

Staci Dungee


Alexis Wooden


Alexis runs the daily operations of

Youth Excel and Advancement, LLC.

Our Offerings

Y.E.A. offers a unique model of behavioral intervention that focuses on the child, adolescent, and adult, but engages the full breadth of the community from which the individual comes.  It takes a village.

Our Mission

To provide quality therapeutic services that are geared toward reducing the frequency and intensity of behavioral incidents, emotional instability and disruptive behaviors among children, adolescents, and adults with behavioral/mental health and substance abuse needs. 

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