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Youth Excel & Advancement LLC is an in-school counseling service that provide support in the public school setting.  It is an extension of educational services which are available to schools in the Metro-Richmond and surrounding areas.  The objective is to increase student success so as  to prevent the need for a more restrictive placement.


The programs offered by Y.E.A. LLC were developed to provide needed support for students in the public school system.  Our goal is to work with students, teachers, and the administration of the schools to develop and implement a plan to increase each client's academic success.


Achievment in our program is determined by the goals a student is able to meet as a result of enrollement in the program. 



Our Goals


  • Transform negative behavior into positive behavior


  • — Become positive role models in their school


  • — Increase self-esteem through recognition and encouragement


  • —Learn how to give and receive respect


  • — Become accountable for their individual actions


  • — Set and achieve long and short term goals


The Daily Facilitators


•  Site Coordinator: Oversee day to day

activities at each site.


•  QMHP: Provide direct services daily, including education groups and crisis intervention, weekly contact with parent or guardian.


•  Clinician: Provide direct services, individual counseling, and crisis intervention

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