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Parental Outreach Program



The Family Outreach Program ensures that Y.E.A exhibits and serves a broad and diverse audience; in particular low-income and special needs children and their families. Y.E.A is committed to providing all parents with young children with an enriching play and learning experience.



Projected Goals:


  1.  Emergency Needs

  2.  Tutorial  Program

  3.  Professional/Grooming Techniques   Development

  4.  Parent -To-Parent Outreach Programs

  5.  Parenting Educational Programs

  6.  Family & Community Programs

  7.  Family Violence 

Program Objectives

  • Parents will attend monthly classes to help build  character and help parents with any concern that they may have with school or at home.


  • Parents will learn how to communicate with teachers and staff in a more positive manor.


  • Parents will address issues and needs that may help parents improve participant overall progress in the day treatment program and school.


  • QMHP will conduct once a month home visits to maintain face to face discussion in addition to once a week phone calls to make sure that the needs are address in appropriate manor.

Empowering the Community

We are determine to develop and provide comprehensive, effective, and culturally relevant social services which are tailored to meet the specific needs of each child and family served.  And to promote the professional development of those who provide services to children and families through training and consultation.

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